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We provides structured cabling solutions in Dubai, UAE. Structured Cabling is a premier installer of top quality voice, data, fiber optic, and audio/video cabling products. With our personnel, extensive experience, and guiding principles, we are an excellent choice to be your structured network cabling contractor.

Why Structured Cabling

Businesses, Data centers and network operations rely on a properly mapped and installed structured cable infrastructure. The basic functions of a structured cabling system is to to allow data and communications to flow freely. In a lot of data and information technology hubs, structured cabling is the key to keeping communications running smoothly from end to end in a given communication enterprise. While computers and people keep the business running inside the building, structured cabling ensures the means to do so are at an arm’s length reach.

Why structured cabling


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What Is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is a cabling infrastructure that provides an organized, standardized approach to cabling. And choosing the right structured cabling solution can have an impact on a range of issues, consisting of data transmission speed, network performance, power consumption, cost, etc. We provides high-quality products for your structured cabling solution, including Ethernet patch panel, fiber patch cables, and rack mount enclosure.

Importance Of Structured Cabling

The core principle behind structured cabling installation is to best serve the network in which it is being installed. For instance, even if two call centers do the exact same thing, no two buildings will call for the same job, outlay, type or even amount of cabling. The industry often utilizes local area network mapping, or LAN mapping, to create the basis of the cable network. This allows for facilities on site, as well as main buildings or offices, to be connected across the organization’s network. The primary point of contact for the entire LAN map is the entrance facility.

How Do we Do Structured Cabling Installation

  • Before the installation, make a good structured cabling design.It includes planning the cabling patch ways, considering the airflow and cooling issues, and choosing the right cabling solution.
  • There are various devices used in the structured cabling such as Cat5e/6, fiber optic cable, fiber patch panel, copper patch panel, network switch. We choose different devices flexibly based on your needs.

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Why Use Structured Cabling?

Unlike the traditional point-to-point cabling system, the structured cabling system can avoid the jungle of wiring and carry increasing data at high rates. It plays a significant role in communication infrastructure. The following highlights some of the benefits:

Cost effective – The structured cabling is an organized simple cabling system. It can reduce power and maintenance costs, and it avoids spending money on locating and rectifying.

Reducing the risk of downtime – There is a high risk of human error when people managing the multiple, unorganized cabling structure. These mistakes can cause flow disruptions and network downtime. The structured cabling is organized and it’s easy to identify, which can help reduce the risk of downtime.

Time-saving – Structured cabling is flexible that can accommodate moves, adds and changes quickly. It saves installation time as well as maintenance time.

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Structured Cabling Dubai

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structured cabling Dubai
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